Volley Ball, XC and Football ... Time Well Spent

An enjoyable and busy week. Started with a volley ball match on Wednesday ... then a double header on Friday with the inaugural Bob Shor XC Invitational leading off, and then a drive north to Cloverdale for a football game between Berean Christian and Cloverdale High. 

Last year, HHS hired a new girls basketball coach. He is gone ... unfortunately, during his one year, he treated some young ladies very badly and robbed one young lady of a year of basketball. This young lady was on the court for the volley ball matches and I got to hang out and talk with her parents. I heard that coaches from other schools commented on her absence from the HHS Basketball team. They shared that they had been game planning about how to deal with her and were surprised to hear she wasn't on the team. They encouraged her to keep playing. I am looking forward to the basketball season so I can once again enjoy watching her compete.

The XC meet was bitter sweet. It was great to be at Spring Lake again. I was touched by the words of Coach Doug in recognizing Bob Shor. I know he acted as the starter with a heavy heart. I got to hang out with Carrie and Grace ... I think I got a photo of Coach Carrie Joseph's daughter running her first high school XC meet (at least I hope so) ... but I missed my photo buddy Thomas Benjamin. Hoping he can overcome his health issues and that we can hang out this XC season.

Finally, I thought that Rec Park (prior to their recent upgrade) had the worst possible lighting for a football field. There were actually "black holes" on the field. Unfortunately, Cloverdale High proved me wrong. Another photographer said the lighting on the field was like "candle light." I always enjoy shooting events in Cloverdale ... photographed little league and track/field. The folks are very nice. No difference for the football game ... felt welcomed. However, in order to get usable photos, I had to push my ISO to 20,000! The digital noise was significant. I had to push the noise reduction to the limits in post processing ... 

The photos below represent my week. Time well spent.