Best of Youth Sports

I shot a boys basketball game between Arcata High and Healdsburg High. Healdsburg went out to a early lead but were not able to hold it. Arcata tied the game and then stormed past Healdsburg with a combination of hustle and great shooting. At one point, Arcata was up 20 points. Healdsburg found themselves down 14 at halftime. They seemed out of sync and struggling to deal with Arcata's defensive double teams on their big man.

Near the end of the 3rd period, Healdsburg was still down by 10, but they were starting to click. At no point could you question their effort.

Healdsburg tied the game with 1:43 minutes left. They took the lead with 1:06 left. They did fall behind again but kept playing and hustling. They won by 6 points.

Both teams hustled, showed exceptional skill, and competitive fire. It was a great game to watch. I commented to the coaches that if I were a coach, I would be proud to coach either of the teams. 

The images here focus on the Healdsburg team because I was covering the game for the Healdsburg Tribune. I'll be publishing a full set of images on Flickr soon.