About this photo ... no, that is not me. It is my friend Carrie. The story behind this is that a fellow photographer (Thomas Benjamin) made up a press pass that said, "I know Michael Lucid" as a joke. Carrie had this "press pass" for the North Coast Section Meet of Champions ... got to love the people I meet through photography and sports.



The gift of a set of photos of my son Phil competing as a sophomore inspired me to save up to purchase my first DSLR in 2008. I began by taking photos of Phil and his track/field teammates. After Phil graduated, I continued to shoot Healdsburg High track and field because I had made friends of the kids, parents, coaches and, I found I loved shooting sports. 

Several years later, I started providing photos for our local newspaper, and track and field blogger - local historian Jim Crowhurst at Redwood Empire Running. 

I love photographing high school sports ... I have met some exceptional people and witnessed many special moments. I love giving my photos as a gift. Anyone who has given a gift that touched the heart of the recipient knows the joy of giving. The appreciation of the kids and especially the parents of these young people means so much.

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So ... my son Phil insists that I must have a photo of me here ... so ... sorry.